Our Brands

The Wool Packaging Company provides a variety of high performance, eco-friendly insulated packaging products for temperature sensitive applications. We also specialise in designing insulated packaging solutions to meet very specific customer and product requirements, with more information on our ‘Design’ page.  

  • Woolcool is widely used for delivering chilled and frozen food by courier including organic meat boxes, speciality food hampers, fresh seafood and ready meals. Woolcool is also used for bulk orders of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals from eye drops to veterinary supplies. 

  • Woolmail is a range of insulated pouches designed for sending individual temperature sensitive items through the post, from a whole side of smoked salmon to individual pharmaceuticals . Woolmail is also used for temperature sensitive items within hampers or general medical supplies.

  • Hortiwool combines the insulative and protective properties of wool to offer unrivalled packaging solutions for nationwide and international deliveries of fresh flowers and plants.

  • Mediwool offers highly specialist packaging solutions to meet critical requirements in temperature sensitivity, humidity and protection. Mediwool can be designed for medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary supplies or sending lab samples through the post.
Our Brands
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